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A new way to reminisce

LookBack takes your loved one back to memorable places and experiences to trigger fond memories and forge connections.

Take your loved one anywhere

Using Virtual Reality, LookBack transports your loved one to familiar surroundings, locations, and experiences from the comfort of their chair.

Why Use LookBack


LookBack is based on Reminiscence Therapy, a research-proven way of enhancing mental and cognitive health in older adults and people with dementia.


Memories are personal and unique, so LookBack allows you to find a range of experiences that will suit your loved one.


Who said Virtual Reality is only for young people? We believe older adults deserve to benefit from innovation as much as anyone else, and so does your loved one.
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Revisit favorite places

Take your loved one on a trip down memory lane and revisit their favorite places, anywhere in the world.

Relive memorable events

LookBack contains a collection of immersive reminiscence scenes, including events and experiences that can be used to trigger memories.
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LookBack Journeys Update 2

Travel back in time

Immersive recreations of 50s and 60s scenes that your loved one can reminisce about and interact with.

Stay connected

Share the experience using your phone. The LookBack companion app lets you guide the experience in the headset and share it with your loved one.
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