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Improving patient care

Glo improves the quality of care for patients with long-term health conditions by providing immersive therapies.

A non-invasive treatment for pain and stress

Glo uses the immersive qualities of Virtual Reality to help patients manage anxiety, stress, and pain related to their conditions and procedures.

Why Use Glo

Non-drug alternative

Immersive therapies are a non-drug alternative for managing pain, stress, and anxiety.


Glo offers a variety of immersive experiences and different modes to personalize the platform.


Use within a healthcare provider setting or at home, anytime and anywhere.
Glo Immersive Experiences

Immersive experiences

Immersive environments transport patients to new worlds that they can explore and interact with from the comfort of their chair or bed.

Targeted programs

Glo contains a range of guided programs designed to target different health-related issues and personalize the platform to patient needs.
Glo Targeted Programs
Glo Evidence Based


Using the proven benefits of Virtual Reality and mindfulness techniques, Glo helps patients alleviate pain, stress, and anxiety and improves the quality of care of healthcare providers.

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