Transforming Aging and Longevity

We develop innovative solutions for living well
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LookBack: Time travel therapy for dementia

LookBack is our award-winning Virtual Reality app for people with dementia. It makes immersive reminiscence therapy affordable and accessible to improve quality of life and mental health.

Glo: Helping people in palliative care

Glo is an immersive therapeutic app designed for people with chronic health conditions and in palliative care. It helps manage pain and stress to improve patients' quality of life.

Hiro: Healthy Aging

Hiro is your AI-powered personal coach who will help you pursue an active and purposeful life. Stay physically and mentally fit while being rewarded for improving your health and reaching your goals.

Within a year, the global population of people over 65 will outnumber children aged under 5.

Within a year, the global population of people over 65 will outnumber children aged under 5.

It’s time to reimagine the future of aging and longevity

We focus on:

Health and wellness

An aging population is faced with unique health challenges, including chronic conditions like dementia. We help people in later life stay well in their golden years.

Quality of Life

Longevity is not just about living longer but also better. Our solutions aim to make people both healthier and happier.


Only 26% of seniors feel confident using technology. We believe older adults deserve to benefit from innovations as much as anyone, and design our solutions to meet their needs.
Building the future we want to age into
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